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«GERONTOLOGY» Scientific Journal

The review process


1. In electronic scientific journal "GERONTOLOGY" accepted articles of theoretical, scientific and practical nature on relevant topics. Materials that do not meet the requirements of category or publication may be rejected without review editorship.

2 . Editorial Board follows international standards of transparency of the review process , in this connection, this edition is practicing double "anonymous" reviewing manuscripts .

3 . Articles submitted to the journal, for the week sent for review by two independent experts.
Reviewer meets annotated articles, then agrees or refuses to review the material. In case of refusal, for a few days appointed by another reviewer.

4 . Within two weeks reviewers familiar with the material and assess its scientific level, complete the "Form review" which aims to further revision to the author.

5 . In the present form of reviewers point out their comments and upload files with corrections or materials that can be used in finalizing the article.

6. After filling in the basic "forms review" experts choose one of the suggested recommendations:

    Adopt article - the manuscript is ready for publication and accepted without changes
    You need to fix - is accepted if the author corrects those comments
    Return for re- reviewing - needed refinement and re- reviewing
    Reject the article - the manuscript does not meet publication
    See the comments - does not satisfy any one of the previous recommendations

7. After completing the process of reviewing all relevant information is sent to the author. Within 1-2 weeks the author revises article and loads in a new version of the journal. If after this date the article is not returned (or the delay is not reported edition) - article removed from the queue of the editorial materials processing.

Appeal Procedure:

    If the author does not agree with some reviewers' comments, he shall be entitled to appeal to the editor in the format "reviewer comments - comment author". This document is sent to the referee, and together with the editorial appropriate decision regarding the manuscript.
    If the reviewers selected mutually antithetical resolutions submitted manuscript (accept / reject), the editors associated with them and jointly consider all comments to harmonize positions on further publication of this material.
    If a solution can not accept, Editorial appoint an independent expert.