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Bessarabov V.I.1,2, Palchevskaja T.A.2, Kuryshko G.G.2, Kuzmina G.I.2, Tarasenko A.V.2
1. "Gerontology" Research Medical Center, Moscow, Russia
2. Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Industrial Pharmacy Department, Kyiv, Ukraine
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The article discusses the features of Pharmaceutical Analysis newly established geriatric medicines. It is shown that the system of pharmaceutical analysis of complex geriatric drugs should take into account the complex nature of the pharmacological and pharmaceutical design of this group of drugs, and, accordingly, based on the widespread introduction of modern chromatographic, spectrophotometric and electrochemical methods. It is concluded that the implementation immunoassay analysis in the practice of biopharmaceutical analysis of complex drugs for the elderly and senile allow almost consider features polymorbidity pathology, organize personalized geriatric pharmacotherapy care for patients in these age categories.
Keywords pharmaceutical analysis, geriatrics, old age, polymorbidity.

Bibliographic reference:
Bessarabov V.I., Palchevskaja T.A., Kuryshko G.G., Kuzmina G.I., Tarasenko A.V., PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX GERIATRIC DRUGS // «GERONTOLOGY» Scientific Journal. - 2014. - №3;
URL: http://www.gerontology.su/magazines?textEn=178 (date of access: 20.10.2018).

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