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Chaplygina M.A.1, Pavlova T.V.1, Praschayeu K.I.2, Pavlov I.A.3, Markovskaja V.A.1, Bessmertnyj D.V.3
1. «Belgorod state national research university», Belgorod
2. "Gerontology" Research Medical Center, Moscow, Russia
3. OGBUZ «Belgorod Cancer Center» Belgorod, Russia
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Among those over 60 years the prevalence of tumors exceeds that of people under 40 years old 16.5-fold in men and 6.7-fold in women. The emergence of modern high-tech research methods and data opens up new possibilities for scientific achievements. The study of blood is one of the most common areas of research in the modern scientific community, this is due primarily to the fact that any disease of the body in some way reflected in the composition of blood, which in most cases is a diagnostic or prognostic indicator. We have studied the blood of patients with kidney cancer and cancer of the prostate. An analytical study of the distribution of red blood cells in size was performed using scanning electron microscopy and then use the method of mathematical statistics. As part of the research work, we have shown that red cell distribution graphs of size, carry important information about the state of urologic patients.
Keywords advanced and senile age, oncology, red blood cells, scanning electron microscopy.

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Chaplygina M.A., Pavlova T.V., Praschayeu K.I., Pavlov I.A., Markovskaja V.A., Bessmertnyj D.V., NEW APPROACHES TO THE STUDY OF BLOOD CANCER PATIENTS // «GERONTOLOGY» Scientific Journal. - 2013. - №3;
URL: http://www.gerontology.su/magazines?textEn=121 (date of access: 16.12.2018).

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