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Kubešová H.M.1, Vepřeková B.2, Weber P.1, Bielaková K.1, Gregorova T.1
1. Klinika interní, geriatrie a praktického lékařství LFMU a FN Brno, Česká republika
2. Nemocnice Milosrdných Bratří, Brno, Česká republika
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In recent years increasing information has been published regarding the pleiotropic effects of vitamin D that has long been regarded as a factor playing a role in calcium level regulation and the skeletal system only. The way of life characteristic of present population, with most of the time spent indoors, creates conditions favoring long-term vitamin D deficit, starting in the years compulsory school attendance already. The main source of vitamin D for the human body is solar radiation. This accounts for 80% of the active vitamin supply, while nutrition provides only the remaining 20%, and according to some sources this ratio is even 90% to 10%. This is the reason for the inconsistency of the results of studies based on the evaluation of vitamin D intake in nutrition.
Keywords vitamin D, solar radiation, calcium level regulation.

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Kubešová H.M., Vepřeková B., Weber P., Bielaková K., Gregorova T., VITAMIN D AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES // «GERONTOLOGY» Scientific Journal. - 2013. - №3;
URL: http://www.gerontology.su/magazines?textEn=118 (date of access: 16.10.2018).

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