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Linkova N.S.1, Tarnovskaya S.I.1, Kostylev A.V.1, Elashkina E.V.1, Nichik T.E.1, Morozova E.A.1, Gutop E.O.1
1. S.-Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of North-Western Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, S.-Petersburg , Russia
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It is known that stem cells (SC) are able to give rise to a number of hematopoietic cells that has been established by cocultivation of human embryonic stem cells with the stromal fibroblast lines and using the hematopoietic growth factors. Optimal Selection of conditions aimed SC differentiation is the major problem in modern molecular biology and opens perspectives of SC therapy in major age-related diseases: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ischemic heart disease and cardiovascular disease. One group of substances capable of regulating the activity of stem cells are short peptides. Installed capacity of the peptides to induce the differentiation of pluripotent cells. In experiments in animals and cell cultures it has been found that these peptides contribute to the induction of the synthesis of regulatory proteins influence the proliferation and differentiation of cells that exhibit tissue specificity. In this context, the aim of our study was to investigate the effect of short synthetic peptides on the proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). As a result of this work, it was found that short peptides, depending on their structure, are able to activate the proliferation of MSCs, helping to maintain reserve capacity of the body, which is especially important in an accelerated and natural aging of various organs and tissues.
Keywords stem cells, small peptides, proliferation, differentiation, mesenchymal stem cells.

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Linkova N.S., Tarnovskaya S.I., Kostylev A.V., Elashkina E.V., Nichik T.E., Morozova E.A., Gutop E.O., STEM CELLS AND SHORT PEPTIDES: APPLICATION PROSPECTS IN GERONTOLOGY // «GERONTOLOGY» Scientific Journal. - 2013. - №2;
URL: http://www.gerontology.su/magazines?textEn=103 (date of access: 20.10.2018).

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